Obviously October is my favorite month because there are tons of fun celebrations this month (can someone help me make sure my kids are born in this month, too?).

We celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary earlier this week and if you follow me on Facebook (what do you mean you don’t? fix that), you heard the word that October also celebrates the third birthday of CRG!


If you have been a reader since the very beginning, THANK YOU. I used to write a lot of really awkward posts that didn’t make sense. Although I’m sure the latter sometimes stays true. 

So, to celebrate, I’m kicking off a series of giveaways of all my favorite things… all as a thank you to YOU for your wonderful support. 

First up: my favorite PRO Compression!



I seriously would not be able to survive without these babies. I wear them during long runs (minus when it’s 1,000 degrees here in Austin), to recover from long runs and even to keep my legs happy while flying. 



If you aren’t familiar with PRO Compression and their socks, they offer “compression” on your legs and feet to help improve blood flow, stability and comfort. While the science is complex, the only thing you need to know –> improved recovery time. (less sore muscles = more enjoyable running!)




The thing I love most about PRO Compression is all of the fun colors that you can choose from for your socks. One of my favorites is this month’s featured color: 




And now you have a chance to win a marathon sock or sleeve of your choice. Enter below! 

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

(P.S. if you can’t wait to get your hands on a pair, use code BLG14 to save 40% off marathon socks and sleeves! GREAT discount!) 


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