Today I had 16 miles on the docket… the last “long” run before the NYC Marathon (next weekend, I run 12 miles but don’t consider it as a “long” run since that was a normal distance during the week during this training cycle. Ask me in 6 months, and yes, that will be a long run in my mind!). 

Since it was “only” 16 miles, I figured I’d be fine without a gel or any Nuun. Well, that was a big blonde moment. The last few miles were a little bit of a struggle since I think my body was running out of fuel. 

Sorry, body. 


P.S. I also wore a new sports bra I got from Victoria’s Secret, it’s kinda weird because it has underwire?! I was worried about chafing but it worked out fine. Still not sure if it’s on my favorite list. 

Anyways, I came back and refueled the Texas way — scrambled eggs with cheese, avocado and salsa. And of course, with my Nuun Energy on the side. 

I have drank Nuun for a few years, but it hasn’t been since the last year or so that I’ve really integrated it into my daily life. I now use it as my drink of choice while on long runs, drink  it as work when I need a caffeine pick-me-up (Nuun Energy has caffeine in it without all the other junk you find in energy drinks) and have it when I just want something other than water. 

My absolute favorite flavor is cherry limeade… so good… but there are a ton of others in my cupboard that I enjoy as well. 


Nuun wants to help me share the love, so excited to kick off yet another giveaway (did you see this one, this one and this one?). One winner will receive a four-pack of their flavor of choice + a Nuun water bottle. GOOD LUCK! 🙂 

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