With Halloween just around the corner, so are all of the fun costume races! The most important thing when running a costume race is your comfort, and behind that, the price. Obviously, you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a costume that you will likely only wear once!

There are a bunch of places where you can by race tutus, but did you know, you can make one for yourself for under $10 (most likely around $6-$7)? Yep, you read that right! Under $10.

These tutus can work well in other situations… like if you’re at a music festival!



Check out my race tutu tutorial:


  • ~5 yards of tulle in the colors of your choice (you can do it in one color or as many colors as you want!)
  • At least 5/8″ thick ribbon (the color doesn’t matter since it won’t be very visible)
  • Scissors
  • About two hours


1. Now that you have your tulle, fold it so that you can cut it into two inches. If you have sharp scissors, you can fold it quite a few times over so you aren’t stuck cutting the lines super long. 



2. With your two-inch wide pieces, it’s now time to cut the length of your tutu. Remember that the length that you cut it, will be a little less than half of that (i.e., if you cut it at 30″, it will be ~13″ long because you have to wrap it around the ribbon). I usually go for about 25″… you can also add shorter laters to give it more fluff (and a fun way to add in additional colors). 

3. Now that you have your tulle cut, it’s time to prepare the ribbon. I usually cut it about twice as long as I need it because it’s easier to work with. Grab a stool or a chair that has four legs and tie it tightly around it. 


4. Start wrapping your tulle pieces around it, lining your ends up together and putting the loop over the top of the ribbon. Pull the two ends through the loop you created and tighten, securing it to the ribbon. 

5. I usually add colors in increments of 5-10, which serves as a pretty thick color block. You can do it smaller or larger based on what you’re looking for. 



6. Once you have all of your tulle attached and you can tie the ribbon around your waist with no gaps (seriously the last two inches seem to take forever to fill in!), you are done! 

7. On race day, tie your tutu around your waist over your shorts and tuck the ribbon ends into your pants (be sure to cut off the excess before then). I like using the ribbon because you can tighten based on what you are wearing for the day so you have less chance of it bouncing around (which is super annoying when you are running!). 

8. Enjoy! (you can try to save for another use, but I usually throw mine away… given that these are so cheap to make, not a big deal!)



Who’s running a costume Halloween race this year? What are you dressing up as? 

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