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Before we moved to Austin, I used to have a few nails on the wall and would just hang my medals there. I always thought it was good enough. Since moving to Austin, those medals have been stuffed away in a plastic bag (so wrong, so wrong). 



I absolutely LOVE it. And I am calling it the best gift you can get for a runner. 


For one, I worked hard for all that hardware. Each of those races had its own challenges, its own course of training… and they were special in their own way (even those that I didn’t like — such as the Chicago Marathon — still have a special place). They should be displayed somewhere and not stuffed in a bag somewhere. 

Secondly, I feel like it serves as a great source of inspiration. I can’t help but stare at it when I brush my teeth each day and think about how I can add to it to make it better. Whether its with a PR or a new race, there are TONS of ways to add to the collection… and it’s a constant reminder that I can do whatever I want to set my mind to. 

I also put my most special medals all the way to the right… the three Boston Marathon, my first BQ (Madison Marathon in 2009), Boston 2 Big Sur and my current PR (Wineglass Marathon). 

So, if you’re in the market for a gift for a runner, check out Allied Medal Displays. That’s where this one is from and it’s really easy to customize it! With the holidays around the corner, this would be a PERFECT gift for the runner(s) in your life. 



Do you have a medal hanger? If no: how do you display your medals? 

Do medals determine whether or not you run a race? What’s the coolest medal you have? I love my first marathon medal — Twin Cities Marathon from 2006. A leaf spins in a circle on the inside!

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