Thanks everyone for entering my series of giveaways! I loved reading all of your comments (and your list of bucket races made me add a few more to my list!). The winners have been contacted… so stay tuned for any giveaways in the future. 



Guess what?! I finally did it. 



I am an official Marathon Maniac! I qualified based on the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge that I did last year and was a huge slacker and took forever to register myself. Right now I’m in at the bronze level, and there are a lot of things you can do to “upgrade” to the next level. Like run four marathons in 37 days (gold). Or 13 marathons in 13 different states in a year (ruthenium). 



Who said that runners aren’t awesome?!



This email from NYRR yesterday brought on the feelings of nervous excitement:



The last few weeks of taper are always filled with so many emotions… and among them, I always get a little bit nervous. I always start to question if I can do it… what if my body forgot what it was like to run 26.2? What if all the training I did didn’t really prepare me for the race? 

I really want to hit a *big* PR this time around, and of course the questions of doubt start to populate in my head. Most importantly, nutrition. I feel like I did my best when it comes to the running side of training (I could have done better with strength training, I mean, have you seen these t-rex arms?!), but on the nutrition side… there’s always rooms for improvement. And I feel like this has a big impact on race day. Eek… 


Speaking of NYC Marathon… I need your help! What do you eat for breakfast on race day? I used to eat pancakes and peanut butter, which worked until PB made my stomach angry, and now I’ve been toying with bagel + almond butter, but almond butter has the same effect as PB. I’ve been debating between doing oatmeal with nuts and fruits, or plain bagels and perhaps a hardboiled egg? 

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this week? 

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