Running aches and pains are inevitable… after all, running is an abusive sport (I think that’s why it’s such a great stress reliever… no better way to get out the stress than to truly pound it out of your system). 

Over the years, I’ve come across a number of different tools and ways to get rid of the aches and pains that are associated with running. There are a few that have come up to the top as my favorite. 


1. EvoFit Enso Foam Roller



I have been using the EvoFit Enso Foam Roller and it is my FAVORITE. The reason why it’s different than other foam rollers is because it has a series of these discs that you can slide back and forth to customize your roll based on where you’re feeling the pain and how severe it may be. I truly could not live without this little device (it is a little pricey, but it is SO worth it. Trust me.)


2. Tennis Ball



Tennis balls can help solve so many issues with running aches and pains. If your hamstring is tight —> sit on it until you find the point of where it hurts. It will hurt really really (REALLY) bad, but afterwards, it will feel so good because it will release the knot or whatever it may be. Plantar fasciitis issues? Roll your foot over the tennis ball at the arch of your foot. Even if I’m not experiencing these issues, I will do this as I brush my teeth and it feels really good. 


3. Foam Roller


A good old standby, the foam roller should be something that every runner has in their closet. There are studies that show that foam rolling can help reduce soreness and also fatigue. I like to use a standard foam roller, even though I have the Enso in my closet, on those times when I’m really sore and the Enso is too painful. 


4. BioFreeze


So there’s a lot of science that goes into Biofreeze working, but the bottom line is that it’s a spray (or a roll on) that you can use your skin to help relieve aches and pains, like sprains or even more minor things like aches that may happen from everyday training. 


5. Arctic Ease Instant Cold Wrap


I was just introduced to this and I LOVE it. You know how if you have an injury you are supposed to ice it, and it’s super annoying to do? Well, with this, you can just wrap it and be done with it. I used it around my foot when my arch was feeling a little sore and can’t believe how long it stayed cold. It’s super easy to put on, and I love that you can use it more than once too. Well worth checking out!


6. Compression Gear


Compression gear helps to improve blood flow/circulation, which can help ease muscle soreness. Even when you wear them while running, it can help reduce your legs from feeling fatigue. My favorite compression gear is made by PRO Compression, who recently launched leggings for women. I love their stuff because the fit is great AND they have amazing colors (I mean, how awesome is the October sock?!). 


7. The Stick


Oh, The Stick. So very painful, but so very worth it. If you stripped a foam roller down to its core, you get the stick. It basically has a series of hard beads around a stick that you roll over your muscles to work out aches and pains. It hurts (and I’ve even gotten bruises from it before!) but it’s oh so worth it. It’s still up in the air if you can make it through airport security with one of these (some TSA agents think it’s a weapon). 


8. Stretching 

thank you nyrr for the awesome pic!

Stretching is always a good standby. But the important thing to know about stretching… you need to do it often, not just when you are feeling achy and full of pains. Static stretches can easily be done in front of the television, and you can do dynamic stretching right before you run. Either way, it will help to get rid of those uncomfortable feelings… and make you stronger in the process!


What are your favorite ways to deal with aches and pains from running? 


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