So last week if you would have asked me how I was feeling about NYC Marathon, I would have said “meh” and really not had a response. But if you ask me now? I’m starting to get SO JAZZED UP. 

Maybe it was reading that this year will celebrate the one millionth finisher (who will get guaranteed entry… lucky duck!). 

Or all of the fun events that will be happening marathon weekend… including my very own mini-marathoner statue! Have you heard about these? 

It’s a partnership with ASICS and they are making these little statues based on photos that you submitted… so I’m really interested to see what it looks like. It will be a fun little momento to keep from this year’s race. 

And plus! This week has started packing. I thought maybe I was starting too early, but is it ever too early to start packing? Especially when I’m notoriously terrible at forgetting to pack one or three things. 

Anyways. The most important things on my packing list for NYC Marathon include:


1. Marathon day outfit! 

Duh. This is of course the most important thing. It’s a secret until the night before so check it out on Instagram if you are interested. Hint: It actually won’t include a lot of pink (a first!). 



2. Throwaway gear

Oh yes, I have some rad throwaway gear ready for Staten Island on Sunday morning:



If you see me, stop by and say hi (I am in orange corral)! I saw a woman wearing a robe a few marathons ago and thought it was the greatest idea. Way to stay warm and a super easy way to take it off! I also have a Delta blanket and a few mylar blankets from past races… hopefully that will keep me warm in the chilly AM!


3. Nalgene (or other water) bottle


Seriously cannot travel without it these days. I hate being thirsty! I always go through security with the bottle empty, and fill it up before we get on the flight. 


4. All my favorite marathon gear

Whenever I travel to a marathon, I make an effort only to wear my most favorite marathon gear. I feel like it’s kinda what people do at the expo and over marathon weekend. 


5. And my non-marathon gear… 

Levis introduced its new Mid-Rise Skinny Jean late this summer and I’ve been rocking them for the past few months, thanks to Women’s Health… they are the most comfortable and flattering skinny jean that I have ever worn (short girl probs). 


I absolutely love these mostly because they haven’t gotten baggy — they are stretchy, but maintain their shape, which I think is a big deal because I hate those jeans that end up with diaper butt… know what I’m saying? 🙂

And of course, since we’ll be in NYC… it means chilly fall weather… which means — HOODIE season! I am trying to control myself so I don’t bring more than the number of days that we’ll actually be there. 


What are a few things on your must-pack list for trips? 

When’s your next travel adventure? Where are you going? (Roadtrips count!)

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