Dear NYC Marathon Runners:

It’s finally here… the weekend and in particular, the day, that we’ve each been preparing for over the past few months. 

The past weeks have been filled with sacrifices. The days of getting up before the sun even rises to get that run in; or the workouts that must be completed after a long day at work. The Saturday mornings, which often are earlier than a Monday morning, where you have to build your entire weekend around the fact that you have a long run that day. 

And with those sacrifices have come the blood, sweat, and tears. There have been the workouts that have made us jump for joy, to think “I’ve got this nailed!” and of course, those other runs, where you can’t help but cry and question yourself for what you’ve gotten yourself into. 

Believe it or not, each of those moments contribute to the end goal… of lining up on Staten Island to wind through Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx and finally, reach that finish line in Central Park.

For some of you, the finish line represents conquering a goal… a goal that may have been in your mind for years. For others, it’s an opportunity to meet a bigger goal — like qualifying for Boston or besting a previous marathon time. And others still, who have dedicated this day to a special person or cause to help raise awareness for something close to your heart. 

So, enjoy these next few days — the days that will be filled with nerves and excitement. Take in the expo and every moment that you have to explore the streets of New York. (But that being said, don’t overdo it… as tempting as it will be. After all, your legs will thank you for the rest once Sunday morning comes around.)

After all, you are one of the lucky. One of the crazy. One of the few that have dedicated the past months of your life to get to this point, so this is your celebration… 26.2 miles to give kudos to yourself for how far you’ve come and to celebrate the moment you become a marathoner — for the first time or for the 12th time over. 

And hopefully I’ll see you out there!

 lora_nyc marathon


Where are my NYC marathon runners at? Any last-minute advice for us marathoners this weekend? 


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