I cannot believe it’s here! Today we are headed to the expo to enjoy all that the NYC Marathon has to offer and I’m hoping to grab some lunch at my favorite NYC place – Chop’t – well before we grab pre-race dinner at Chipotle tonight. 


Anyways, enough about food. Let’s talk about NYC Marathon goals. 

This will be my third time running the NYC Marathon… I was lucky and received a lottery entry the first year we moved to NYC in 2010. 


Despite not really training (moving + my grandma’s death + starting a new job wrecked havoc on my schedule), I somehow pulled out a nearly 10-minute PR, 3:31.44. 

After running a LOT of races to enter as a NYRR member, I was able to say farewell to NYC by running the marathon just days before we moved.

lora_nyc marathon

I really had no plans to run the race again, after all, I thought that it was a perfect start and finish to our time in the Big Apple. But then, I got super lucky and won a guaranteed (non-comped) entry into the race. Well, I mean, you really can’t turn that down, right?!

So, I’ll be toeing the line in Staten Island on Sunday along with 50,000 other runners to run through my old favorite neighborhoods and tour the city once again. This training cycle has been great — I’ve adjusted to the 5 a.m. alarm and actually look forward to those quiet mornings on the trails in Austin. 

That being said, my goals for tomorrow’s race. 

#1 – I would LOVE to PR. My current PR is 3:31.19, which I set at Wineglass Marathon last year. I so desperately want to break 3:30… and I feel like I have a good shot at it. 

My biggest worry, though, is getting my stomach under control. I tend to have runner gut issues and even one stop at a port-a-pottie can devastate any chance at PRing. 


#2 – So with that being my biggest worry, I’m trying out a different fueling solution that should help with it. I am hoping that in doing so, I can finally know what and how to eat on race day. 


#3 – HAVE FUN. This is always a goal of mine… after all, that’s the whole reason why we do this, right? 


#4 – Make it out for beer and burgers after the race. Last year, I had this idea of hitting up 5th Avenue in Brooklyn for a bar crawl and finishing it with a burger (my favorite post-race meal)… but I turned into a blob of sore muscles afterwards and this didn’t happen. It WILL happen this year… with medal on. 


What are you doing this weekend? Anyone racing? 

What’s your favorite way to fuel after a race or long run? 


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