Thank you all for your amazing words of support and encouragement throughout this past weekend! I loved reading all of it and it was so helpful as we battled the wind on marathon morning. 



Marathon day is always a weird feeling; it’s a day that you work up to for months — in some ways, all consuming of your brain and body. And then suddenly, in a couple of hours, it’s over… and in some ways, you just feel like now what? I feel like that’s part of the recovery process… getting your brain back on track and thinking about things besides long runs, gels, tempo runs and 5:20 a.m. alarms. 

Speaking of which, I have the Dallas Marathon in about six weeks, so I was paging through my Advanced Marathoning book yesterday to see what I should be running this week. 

WHAT? 9 miles Tuesday (today)?! 

And then I realized I skipped ahead three weeks. Today is indeed a rest day. 


Anyways, full NYC Marathon recap will be up tomorrow!



In the meantime, recovering from the aches and pains associated with a marathon… and apparently a marathon in the wind. My left shoulder probably hurt the most after the race, I am assuming because it was taking the brunt of the wind? It has loosened up considerable (thankfully!) and I look forward to walking normally again at some point in the future. 


How do you get over the post-marathon blues? 

What book are you reading right now? Looking for new suggestions!! 

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