Before I get into my race recap, I have to share one of the best stories that I saw come out of the NYC Marathon. If you follow the race on Facebook, you may have already seen this. Anyways, this man posted on there that when he took his gloves off in Central Park, his wedding ring went flying off with the gloves and he was devastated — and hoping that just maybe, MAYBE, someone might be able to find his ring somewhere in the midst of it all. 

And someone DID! The organizers shared on the Facebook wall that a volunteer found his ring in Central Park and returned it to him. Isn’t that the most amazing story ever? It makes me want to hug humanity. 


Anyways. Back to the race. 🙂 So, we got into NYC on Friday and checked into our place with Airbnb. We decided to try Airbnb since we wanted to stay in our old neighborhood (Park Slope, Brooklyn) and didn’t want to pay a million dollars for a hotel. It ended up being perfect, and we’re so happy we did!

Friday night we went out in the city to hang out with some friends (and went out for Mexican, ha, I know, weird that we went to NYC and ended up eating Mexican food) and ended up catching the last bits of the Halloween parade (craziness, pure craziness). 

I have heard that the most important night of sleep before a marathon is the night before the night before. While I knew all the bloggers were getting together for a meet-up Saturday morning at 9 a.m., I knew the likelihood of me making it there was highly unlikely. (Sorry guys!) I ended up not getting out of bed til 10:30 on Saturday. Indeed, I was well-rested. 

We then headed to our favorite bagel place for a quick breakfast.


And it was off to the expo!



I must admit, I was a little disappointed in the expo. ASICS pretty much owned the floor, and the rest of the booths seemed crammed in and weren’t that interesting. The coolest part was the mini-marathoner statues that ASICS created… these were so fun and I’m such a sucker for a cool tchotchke. 



crazyrunninggirl.nycmarahton-brooksrunning-shoesthese Brooks Running shoes are awesome too!


I also liked the second floor section of the expo — they had a race time predictor thing, but I was too nervous to try it out because I didn’t want it to say some time that would shatter my confidence. 





We then headed to Chop’t for a salad (yum) and off to another favorite in the city, Shorty’s. I went back to Brooklyn and napped for a few hours hung out watching college football before we headed to Chipotle (remember how I’m a Chipotle snob? Yeah, the first one didn’t pass my test so we had to head to another one). 

The next morning, I set my alarm for 5:41 a.m. (which was exciting since I got up earlier for training!) and enjoyed my extra hour of sleep (so what we were in bed by 10:30 p.m. Btw, our Saturday makes us sound like the lamest visitors to NYC ever!). 



So there are a lot of thoughts surrounding my NYC Marathon experience, so come back tomorrow to read about my race day experience!

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