This is my last post in my three-part recap of the NYC Marathon (so many thoughts!). Read part one here, and part two here. 


As you may have heard with the NYC Marathon, there is a lot of walking at the end. You walk a good way before you get your medal. And then you continue walking til you get your heat sheet and finally your bag of goodies. And then you have to walk some more to exit the park, go back down near 72nd street and finally get your poncho. 

crazyrunninggirl.nycmarathon4this is the poncho from last year — this year they were light blue, but i never got a picture with it! but you get the idea.

These ponchos are amazing, btw. I am saving the one from this year and last for when I’m a soccer mom that needs to cheer in the rain. 

So, as I had mentioned last week, my biggest goal was to PR in this race. Once I faced the winds, I knew this was unlikely. But I must say, I haven’t felt this strong in a race… in pretty much forever. It felt like my training paid off greatly!

But the most exciting moment, was the fact that I think I may have figured out my nutrition! I ate a bagel + salted almonds about 1-1/2 hours before the race. I felt full, but not overly stuffed. I also drank about 32 ounces of water that morning. Once the race started, I had a full Honey Stinger gel around mile 4 and then 1/2 of one every 3 miles after that. I switched between a drink of water and Gatorade every two miles. 

I never hit the wall! And, I didn’t have ANY GI issues… no bathroom stops… that’s worth a medal in itself! I think this is due to great nutrition for once… which, after 15 marathons, feels great to know that I figured that out. 

And of course, my forever goal is to have fun in these races. The day when I can’t look back and say that I had fun is the day that I need to stop running marathons. I run for many reasons, but one of them is because I enjoy it. And, I definitely had a good time during this year’s NYC Marathon. It is a race that you can’t find anywhere else in the world and special in its own right. I can’t describe what it feels to run through and past so many iconic landmarks within the city and to do it with 50,000 other people who have the same passion within. 



While this will be my last NYC Marathon for the forseeable future, I know that many people have this race on their wish list, so… 

Here is what you need to know if you are planning to run the TCS New York City Marathon in the future: 

  • The ferry/bus transportation times are suggestions. They do not check your bib to make sure you are on the right ferry or bus. That being said, don’t delay it *too much* because the recommended time is based on what works best for your start time. 
  • You will be in the Runner’s Village for a period of time before the race. Same with your race corral. Throwaway gear is imperative to staying warm. Don’t throw it away before you get to the bridge, because you stand there for a bit too. Trust me, you can never be too warm… and there’s always a place to throw your gear.
  • It is not a rumor that you may get peed on if you run on the lower level. Luckily I’ve never had my start here, but people on the top level do pee (I heard a woman say she’s done it before, ha!) and it’s only natural that gravity takes it course…
  • There is a family meeting area after the race, but it’s located down in the 60s, which is another 15 blocks from where you get let out of the park. Try to meet your family and friends closer to the finish of the race, you will thank yourself. 
  • You should really try to get the poncho at least once. They really are quite awesome and high quality. Plus, who needs to check that bag of junk anyways? 😉
  • Subway rides for marathon runners after the race are FREE. This year, I had to yell to some cops that were standing in the station to let me in, but I was not paying that $2.50… (and p.s., go down those stairs backwards. your legs will thank you.)
  • Run on the outside of the course (either side) to get the most pictures of yourself from MarathonFoto. I likely won’t buy any pics (they are way too expensive), but it is fun to see how I looked throughout the race.
  • If you are using the water/Gatorade on the course, don’t go for the first person. There will be six other people vying for that cup, and 20 yards down, there are people who are looking SO bored and ready to give you a cup. 
  • Oh, and have some fun in the process. Thank the volunteers, high five the kids, laugh at the signs. It will make the race way more fun. I promise. 🙂


Any other tips for NYC Marathon runners?

Have you ever run the NYC Marathon? Is it on your bucket list?

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