Last week was filled with an up-and-down rollercoaster of emotions. Of course, I finished #15 marathon at NYC Marathon on Sunday and we had a great time exploring our old neighborhood. We came back to Austin on Monday and were excited for a short week. 

I had something bad happen to me this week, so it made me lose my excitement for life a little bit.


I skipped my runs on Saturday and Sunday, knowing that in some ways, the rest would play well into the world of ramping up for the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon in mid-December. 

Like all things, this too shall pass. It reminded me a lot of my favorite quote:



And like my dad reminded me, it could always be worse. Things can be replaced, money can be made, a replacement motorcycle can be purchased.

So, today I will be back on course and ready to run. Ready to put this behind us and allow the rollercoaster of life to take us wherever it may go next.


How was your weekend? Anyone race?!

Have you ever had your house broken into/vehicle stolen? 

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