Did you hear about the woman who claims that she ran a 49 minute half marathon this past weekend at the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon? 




Now, the thing that kills me is that tried to blame it on a timing error by marathon officials:



OK, so a 1:36.51 first half isn’t that suspicious; after all, there are many people who can run a half marathon (or negative split in a marathon) at just under 80 minutes. But the thing that got me was this: 


Yes, it’s possible to cut your time down — and well, expected as you tackle the marathon distance. You learn things, you get faster. However, the last paragraph, about how she set a personal record by “six or seven minutes” … really? 

We saw your records. And, if you are that fast of a runner, you know your PR down to the second. I know my PR, I know my second best time and I know my third best time. 

You may say, who cares? It’s not affecting you. 

But yes, it is. After all, cheaters never win… and neither does anyone else. Cheaters are the ones who bring the more stringent rules; they are the ones that don’t let us have nice things. They are life ruiners. 

And, for what? What in the world would you get out of lying about your time? One of the things I love about each and every marathon time I’ve ever posted, no matter how not-in-love with the time I may be, is that I earned it.

I earned every step along the way because I worked my ass off to get there and so every drop of sweat matters. And that’s the same whether you run a world record or a five hour marathon… in the end, the only person you are competing against is yourself. 

So, Tabatha, I hope your 15 minutes of fame was worth it. 



What do you think about this? Does it make you mad or doesn’t bother you?

Have you ever encountered someone cheating in a race? 


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