For the past week, I’ve been ready to start decorating for Christmas. Usually I am a firm believer of not decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving is just SO LATE this year that I feel like we need to amp up the Christmas decorations early.

He’s not buying it. 

Maybe one day I’ll surprise him with the changeover when he gets home from work. 

Anyways, along with fun holiday decorations comes the holiday snacking season. I think working in an office brings it out even more because everyone loves to bring in fun snacks and treats. Don’t get me wrong, super appreciative of their kindness, but well, my jeans won’t be saying the same thing at the end of the holiday season. 

Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks to help me survive the holiday snacking season.


1. Always have a water bottle (filled with water, preferably). I could not live without my Nalgene bottle at my side, especially during the holiday season. It definitely makes it easier to skip the holiday beverages, but I feel like when I drink water throughout the day, I stay a bit more full, and without that hunger feeling, it makes it easier to skip those desserts. 


2. Chew gum. Chewing gum, or even eating mints, help me stay away from the treats. Thinking about wasting that piece of gum and that nasty taste of the first bite is enough to keep my mind off of it. Plus, I’m sure people enjoy the fresh breath in the middle of the day. 🙂


3. Three bites. This is one of my favorite rules that I learned from Jillian Michaels. Just eat three bites. That’s it. It’s enough to give you the taste that you thought you wanted and satisfy your cravings, without ruining your health and fitness goals. 



4. Bring your own snacks. There are likely other people that feel the same as you and are looking for something a bit healthier to snack on. Be that person. The one that brings the Santa veggie tray or the healthier cookies. 


5. Make a plan. Perhaps the most important thing on this list is to make yourself a plan. The plan can be something like, I’ll let myself have a [insert dessert item] on Thursday to celebrate the end of the week. But by giving yourself an outline of what your actions will be, it makes it easier to stick with it and not give in to every little piece of indulgence you see along the way. 




Any tips that help you skip the overindulgence of the holiday snacking season? 

When are you planning to decorate for the holidays this year? Do you stick to the Thanksgiving rule?  

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