It may be the middle of November, but it sure doesn’t feel like it in Austin! People have told me that it typically doesn’t get this cold down here until much later in the year. Yesterday during my run, (feels like) was a whopping 22*. Unbelievable!

I do like to run in colder weather, I feel like my muscles operate much more. I think it’s the Norwegian in me. 

That being said, I’ve learned over the years that having the right gear makes a world of difference in how enjoyable these runs may be. I stay away from running in jackets, mostly because I find myself too hot just a few minutes into the run. When Brooks Running gave me the opportunity to try out the Brooks Women’s Nightlife Essential Vest III, I couldn’t say no. 



I’ve run about this vest a few times and there are a few things that I absolutely love about it:

1) The color! I usually run before the sun comes up, and while I am on the running trails 98% of the time, I feel so much safer having this on and knowing that people can’t miss the lime green reflective goodness. 

2) A warm core. I never realized that this was the benefit of wearing vests — in fact, I always thought they were a little silly. Why in the world would you wear that and not warm up your arms?! However, warming your core does wonders for the rest of your body. Trust me. 

3) The fit. I love how this vest fits close to your body — it was designed for women runners, and you can totally tell. I think having a great fit makes a world of difference in how warm and snuggly it makes you!

4) The pockets. Are you a runner who carries a lot of stuff with you on the run? Then you need this vest. The pockets are big, so you can fit a lot in there and because of point three, you won’t feel it as you run. 



You can get the vest on Amazon or on Brooks for about the same price. It is a little expensive, but wow, it is a price tag that’s SO worth it. While I have the bright yellow one now, I really want the pink! Are you surprised? 🙂


Do you run in vests? What is your secret to keep you warm in blustery conditions? 

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