Last year was my first time experiencing the ZOOMA Women’s Race Series when I ran the ZOOMA Texas Half Marathon just outside of Austin, TX. 




Even though it was a bit hillier than I expected, it was an amazing experience! I loved that the race is predominantly women (there are a few men that do run it) and that they focus on bringing such a fun post-race experience for everyone… including petting a llama! 

crazyrunninggirl.zooma-llama{no, I’m not wearing a cowboy hat… awesome photobomb! :)}


This year, I have the opportunity to represent ZOOMA Women’s Race Series as an ambassador again! I am so honored to be able to be part of this amazing group of women and spread the word about the race. 

And even more excitingly, I’ve convinced my sister to run the race with me! She has been running for the past few months and is building up to running a half marathon + a weekend getaway to Austin. I am so excited to be able to help her get ready for her first half marathon and run the race with her. 

If you want to join us, now is the time to sign up!



Registration is currently $105 for the half marathon, $75 for the 10k and $55 for the 5k. If you use my coupon code LORA15, you can save even more dinero! 

There will be a training kick-off event held in Austin in January… so stay tuned for details and make sure you save the date on your calendar! 


Have you ever ran a women’s only race? What did you think? 

Where’s your next destination race? 


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