It’s that time of year again… when it’s perfectly acceptable to watch Elf multiple times a week. 


Oh, and of course, the holiday gift part. 😉 If you have some runners on your list, here are my recommendations for the best gifts for runners. I promise they will love you forever if you manage to to get this under the Christmas tree!

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Under $15
Perfect for stuffing in the stocking or gifting to that coworker that you don’t know so well, but know that they run, and that you have to give them a gift for the work Secret Santa. 

—> Nuun Hydration


I would not be able to live without Nuun! This has become an important part of my hydration plan (in fact, I have a glass sitting next to me right now… ha!). I drink it during long runs, afterwards and even when I just need a pick me up during the work day (Nuun Energy is perfect for this). 


—> BottleBand



BottleBand is probably one of the cheapest and best gifts that you can buy the runner in your life! The idea is simple: a plastic band that wraps around your hand and bottle to make it easy to carry any bottle with you while running. They come in a variety of colors and even have fun sayings on them. (Check out my full review here.)


—> Honey Stinger Gels


Once upon a time, I went to run the Boston Marathon in 2012, and didn’t bring any gels with me. I thought that I would just find some that I used (Hammer) at the expo, but NOPE. So, while having a brief panic attack, I decided to try Honey Stinger gels and they were AWESOME. They have become my fuel of choice ever since! Note: They can be a little on the sweeter side, so be aware of that in case the runner you are shopping for isn’t into sweet things. 


—> PROBAR Bite 


Instead of stuffing their stocking with candy, go for something a bit more nutritional. I absolutely LOVE PROBAR Bite. I found these a few months ago after I was asked to write a product review and I love them. They are easy on the gut and they are extremely nutritious for you. On top of that, they actually taste good (since so many of these bars don’t, that’s always a pleasant surprise!). 


—> Quality Running Socks


So, running in quality socks actually makes a big difference. I never realized this and when I finally made the change, it was a pleasant surprise! I will run in PRO Compression socks (both the over-the-calf compression and the low socks), but I also love Feetures! and Under Armour socks. I also recently came across a company called Bombas, who donates a pair of socks to a homeless shelter in return for each pair that is purchased. Cool idea!  


—> Bondi Band


Bondi Band sells wicking thick headbands that come in a variety of designs. Some even have fun sayings on them. They also sell other products like hats and neck gators. I love their bands and use them as headbands on cooler runs. I like it because they are lighter and cover the ears without making you too hot. They are a fun way to add a pop of fashion to your outfit!  


—> Duel in the Sun


This is by far one of my favorite running books every published… talk about inspirational. It covers the epic race between Albert Salazar and Dick Beardsley in the 1982 Boston Marathon. I love reading this book before every big race and well, when I just need a bit more motivation. This is one gift that every runner will love! 


Under $50
You kinda like this person. And want to show them how much with an awesome holiday gift. 

—> PRO Compression


Wait, you are probably thinking, these aren’t under $50?! I see the price is $50 for over-the-calf sleeves! Ah, well, that’s because I have an awesome 40% off coupon. Use BLG14 and you will save major dinero. You are welcome.


—> Janji Long Sleeve


Janji’s goal is to “run for another,” which means that for every item that you purchase from them, they will donate to help someone in need. For instance, this flamingo long-sleeve running shirt will provide one year of clean water to a person in Haiti. Each of the designs reflect the culture of the country that they are helping. So awesome!


Under $100
If you are dating a runner or if you just really like the runner in your life, this group of ideas are for you!

—> Endurance Tight from lucy


I was introduced to lucy activewear earlier this year and I must say, I love their styles and quality! They have really soft and comfortable material that works well when you are running, even on the hottest of days. They have some great winter gear, too, including the Endurance Tight. These tights has reflectivity and a back pocket (perfect for your keys). There are a variety of colors that you can choose from too!


—> Women’s Nightlife Essential Vest III from Brooks


I wrote my official review about the Brooks’ Nightlife Essential Vest III a few weeks ago and I must say I LOVE it. I have run with it quite a few times since we had a nice cold snap down here in Austin. It is so comfortable and I love the fit! I also love how it makes me so visible to the rest of the world while running early in the morning before the sun comes up. There are lots of pockets too, which makes it easy to store everything that you need for your run!


—> EvoFit Enso Roller


Let’s face it, this wouldn’t be a gift guide for runners if I didn’t have a foam roller type of device on here! The EvoFit Enso Roller is by far my most favorite one in the universe. It features adjustable discs so you can attack your trigger points like no other. I cannot tell you how much I love this! They have a normal size one that is $89 and a travel version for $49. 


—> Allied Medal Designs

I received a custom medal hanger earlier this year and it was quite amazing. 



The custom medal hangers are more expensive (and take more time to make, so get on ordering that stat!), but Allied Medal Designs does have a number of different medal hangers that meet the different distances and passions of runners. 


Bank Account Breakers
If you really love the runner in your life, you may want to break your bank account for them. And luckily, there are some gifts that make that possible!


—> Garmin Forerunner 220

I have been meaning to write a full review of this for the past few months as I’ve been using it, but have completely slacked. Let’s just say, until I get a full review up, that I do love the Garmin Forerunner 220 quite a bit! It has some issues sometimes (where it tells me I’m running a 5 minute mile or a 12 minute mile while doing sprints), but nothing is perfect.

I think one of my favorite parts of it is how it tracks your “records” so when you have a good run, it makes sure to tell you that! In addition to the white and violet, it is also available in a red and black combination. 


—-> Sensoria Fitness Smart Clothing


What do you mean you don’t want to pay $199 for a pair of socks? With Sensoria Fitness smart clothing, you might change your mind. The clothing company produces clothes that have textile sensors so it can accurately track every step, every calorie. In addition to socks, they also have a sports bra and t-shirt. 


What’s on your holiday wishlist this year? What’s your favorite thing about the holiday season? 

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