Yesterday may have started off being really warm (62* and 100% humidity), but by time I made it to work, the temperature dropped 15* down to 47*! The weather in Texas is just crazy. 



As I was whining to my sister about it, she mentioned that it was only 2* up in Wisconsin. So while it was getting chilly down here, it probably would feel like a tropical vacation to my northern friends at this point. 

Whether you are living in the frigid Midwest or if you are just experiencing some chillier weather than normal, it can make it hard to stay motivated to run int the cold. Especially if it means leaving your warm and comfy bed. That’s just so warm. And did I mention warm? 


There are a few things I’ve learned over the years to help me stay motivated to run in the cold: 

>>>Lay out all of your clothes the night before. The idea that I can get up and not have to think about anything but put on my clothes makes it that much easier to get up and out the door in the morning. For some reason, the idea of having to get up and think just makes it feel like I’m much more likely to crawl right back into bed. 

>>>Have someone keep you accountable. I have all of you who make me feel accountable for making it through my training… skipping runs just makes me feel like a big slacker!

>>>Wear layers to keep yourself warm for the first few miles. Layers have made a world of difference in keeping me motivated to get out the door. If you have the right layers, you don’t even feel like you are in the cold! Tip: I tend to wear the $1 gloves that you can buy from Target, along with a Bondi Band over my ears, so that it keeps me warm but not boiling hot (and then it’s not super expensive!). 

>>>Track your progress. Whether its through social media or a piece of paper that you post on your fridge, post your runs. Highlight the training runs you’ve completed on your plan. Seeing this will motivate you to keep it moving, even on the coldest of days! 

>>>Keep your goal in mind. Even if you don’t have a race peering around the corner, a goal in your mind can make it easier to push through those first few minutes of your workout. Post a picture on your bathroom mirror to keep you inspired, or use visualization techniques to remind yourself of your goal. It can be as simple as racking up a certain number of miles for the month or trying to lose a few pounds before the holidays.

>>>Make it fun! If I’m dreading my run, I am less likely to want to get up and go out and do it. Make it fun! Add some intervals (this always spices it up for me) or wear some funky socks (for some reason, this always makes me happy). 

>>>Know your temperatures. If it’s too cold (I generally will not run if the feels like is below zero), opt for the treadmill. Run at night instead of in the morning. Sneak out for a mid-day run. 


How do you stay motivated on a cold day? Any other tips to share? 

What’s a big goal you are working towards right now? 

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