Yesterday I had an amazing opportunity to go attend The Running Event (TRE) here in Austin (hence the lack of blog post today!). I received an invitation to attend as a member of the media a few months ago and have been talking to various brands over the past few months to set up meetings to learn more about what they are offering runners and what they are bringing to the table in 2015. 

The Running Event is a tradeshow that is targeted for people who own running stores (seriously, how fun of a job would that be?! I know it would be hard work, but it would be awesome). There are classes that they can take, a bunch of networking events, and the expo portion where all of the different brands that sell to runners attend to basically try to get these store owners’ attention and hopefully get into their stores. 

I decided to go to the Expo! It sounded like the best fit for me. 

Once I registered (I always kinda feel like an imposter when people call me “media”… maybe one day I’ll get used to it!) and headed in for my first appointment of the day with Gameface Media.

If you haven’t heard of them, they are an organization you need to know! They are basically transforming the race picture industry and making it so that you can get professional photos for FREE for your events! They work with Tough Mudder and the San Francisco Marathon. They even took some photos at the TRE run for attendees:




After that, I visited with Glukos… a brand I never heard of. They make a variety of different fueling options (drinks, bars, gels, chews) and do it to keep your gut happy when you are running. They use glucose, which actually gives you more energy and none of that nasty feeling you get from eating that sugary stuff during a race. I was super impressed with their gel product, which will be launching soon, as it was actually a liquid and something you could take down without immediately needing water. 

I headed over to visit with 180s, again, another brand that I didn’t know too much about, but they were pretty awesome. They have some really cool bluetooth ear muffs (like make and answer phone calls through Bluetooth) and are rolling out some cool reflective gear this spring:



I had a bit of a break, so visited my friends from Janji and Nuun, which is always fun! 🙂 It made me happy to see how busy their booths were, too. I had a meeting with Optic Nerve, a sunglass company that offers a bunch of different designs with lenses that easily pop in and out (so, if you are running on a cloudy day, pop in some copper lenses; a bright day, go for smoky) and some fun casual designs. 

I also met with Soleus Running and you guys… so impressed with what they have to offer! Their technology is pretty awesome AND affordable (no wonder why Kara is a fan! ;)), stay tuned for more on them!

Lastly, I had a nice chat with Skechers… again, SO impressed with this brand and the direction they are going with their running shoes. I learned a bit of the background on their Performance Division, saw some of the new shoes be released soon and got to try them on. More on that later, too. 



Of course, there were a bunch of other brands I chatted with — Run Gum by Nick Symmonds (still need to try); Isagenix; Oiselle; Destination Races; and SPIbelt






Anyways! Lots more details to share, both on here and on Examiner! It was a great day and I am already excited to go back to The Running Event again in 2015.  



Have you ever attended an event like this? What did you think? 

Anyone try Run Gum yet? I’ve heard mixed reviews! 


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