When I was at The Running Event earlier this week, I grabbed some Run Gum, which is made by Nick Symmonds.



I think he just launched this stuff about a month and a half ago… it’s caffeinated gum that’s supposed to give you an extra kick of energy before/after your workout. I think it’s a great idea — after all, I always seem to hit that 2 p.m. slump at work after getting up early for a morning workout. 

I am so sad to say that it just doesn’t taste good. My coworker described it as how he would imagine that poison would taste like. I am hoping there will be a revised recipe to fix the taste issues. Because gum that doesn’t taste good just isn’t… good. 

Has anyone else tried this stuff? What did you think?


So way back when, I thought it would be a good idea to load up my race calendar with a bunch of marathons. I did a back-to-back marathon sequence with Boston 2 Big Sur Marathon, so no big deal, right? 

I didn’t realize that it would be more of a mental challenge than a physical challenge. My brain seems to be thinking hey, we just did a marathon… I’m off the hook! It wasn’t until this week that I finally started to get excited by the fact that I’m running a marathon next weekend — the Dallas Marathon. 

Today I knocked off my last double-digit run before the race. I feel strong physically, but I’m not quite sure how realistic it is to go after a PR? We’ll see next Sunday!

Since it was a shorter run (13 miles), I opted to try some new gear that I’ve been meaning to wear… and let’s just say, they didn’t taste or feel like poison. 😉 I wore these FitFit Active capris (Austin company!): 


They were super comfortable and light, perfect for running down in Texas. Longer review later!

I also tried out Bombas socks:



I found this brand on Twitter and love their purpose — for every pair that’s purchased, they donate a pair to the homeless. I love the bright, bold designs that they have! And they are super comfortable, which is an added bonus when you’re running!

Anyways, hope you have a wonderful Saturday!



Anyone else have a race coming up soon? Are you feeling ready for it? 

Have you tried RunGum? Tell me your thoughts! 

What’s the worst new thing you’ve tried lately? 

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