As I was looking back on my New Year’s Resolutions/goals that I set for myself early in the year, I realized that I was a failure. I will not have been successful at meeting any of the goals that I set forth for myself (although I will be close to my reading one!). 

I feel like it’s been a great learning experience in thinking about goals and New Year’s Resolutions. I went for the moon — and I don’t even think I left the planet when looking at what I was able to accomplish through my goals. 

Here are the goals that I set at the beginning of the year (and current progress):

1. PR in every distance: Nope. I haven’t even run a race in every distance this year!

2. Strengthen and stretch: Mediocre, it has become a bigger priority but still not where it should be at. I would say 50% success. 🙂 

3. Read one book a month: I’ve read nine books this year, so only three more to meet my goal (and three more weeks til the new year… coincidence? I think not!) 

4. Continue to embrace my craftiness: I have done a pretty good job at this! I wanted to participate in a crochet-a-long, but got a little behind due to working on other projects. Probably a 50% success. 🙂 

5. Get in a better financial state: This one was hard to focus on since I didn’t have a job for the first three months of the year. BUT, I feel like we’ve made some progress. I think this is an example of a really big goal that needs to be broken into smaller bites to be successful. 


And the worst part about it, is that I feel like such a failure! I set some high goals for myself, and instead of being extra motivational, they were almost the opposite. They felt so out of reach that they made me want to give up. 

With that being said, you also don’t want to set your goals so easy that you can meet them without much of a challenge. It’s an interesting line that you have to walk — one where you are challenging yourself, but not so much that you are giving yourself a negative headstart. 

As I think about what I want to accomplish in 2015, my goals will be vastly different.


Here are some things I will be thinking about as I set these goals for myself: 

1. Accomplishments from this year. So, as you can see in my goals/resolutions from last year, I really didn’t accomplish a lot. Or did I? 

I feel like I did in other areas and made some progress within these goals that are shadowed by the fact that I didn’t accomplish the entire goal… if that makes sense? So while I didn’t PR in every distance, I did figure out how to eat before a marathon! (I think.) While I didn’t finish the crochet-a-long, I did make some other cool projects that should count. 


2. Current priorities in life. Life changes, we change as people. So, what may have been a cool resolution for last year may not be a good idea for next year. It’s not giving up, it’s just adapting to life. 


3. Where I want to be next year at this time. Next year at this time, I want to be in a house (yay for no more apartment living!) and I want to be a faster runner. Since we’ll be in a house, we’ll have a lot more room for creativity and crafting! So, what does that mean? We shall see. 

That being said, think ahead and what your resolutions will accomplish for you. If it doesn’t get you to your overarching big goal, there’s no point in focusing on it as a New Year’s resolution.


4. What would make me happy. Happiness is the core of life and well, we do have to do those yucky chores (cleaning the bathroom, blech) and some of the unfun stuff in life, your goals in life should hit a bigger goal and help you be happier as a person. 


5. What I have time for. Oh, this is something that I struggle with! I like to think that I have all the time in the world to do everything, but I really don’t. So, prioritizing things is something that I have to do… otherwise I feel like I do a lot of things “meh,” when I know I could do a few things really well!


I am not quite sure what my resolutions will be for 2015, but there will likely be one about fitness and financial fitness. I loved the book goal that I had this year and I think I want to keep that one going! 


Did you accomplish any of your New Year’s Resolutions this year? What goals did you set for yourself?

Will you set New Year’s Resolutions for next year? What would you like to accomplish? 


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