Are you planning on running a ZOOMA Women’s Race in 2015? 

If you aren’t, why not? 

They are located in great places around the country (AND if you are a man, you can join the race! I’ve been told that about 5% of runners in each race are men):

**Amelia Island, FL | January 17, 2015 (just north of where I used to live in St. Augustine… absolutely beautiful area and a great time of year!) 

**Bastrop, TX | March 28, 2015 (I’ll be there! Isn’t that enough of a reason to run it?)

**Annapolis, MD | May 30, 2015

**Napa Valley, CA | June 20, 2015

**Cape Cod, MA | September 26, 2015

**Chicago, IL | August 2015


After the race, there is wine and lots of foods and other goodies. It makes it a perfect opportunity for a destination race-cation… and one that you can bring your family with because they are all in family-friendly areas. They are also perfect for a girls weekend! 



If you want to join in on the fun, now is the time to register because ZOOMA Women’s Race Series is hosting a special right now: 


Use coupon code LORA15 to get the savings!


What races are on your schedule already for 2015? 

Have you ever done a race-cation? What did you think? 

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