Right before Thanksgiving, I shared my holiday gift guide. Many of the items in that gift guide I already own, hence why I think everyone else should have them too! But now, here’s a peak into what’s on my holiday wish list. 

Soleus GO!



The awesome people at Soleus told me all about the GO! last week at TRE, and it sounds fabulous. I had no idea that Soleus even had an activity tracker on the market, and now it is at the top of my wish list. It sounds incredible — basically all the activity tracking you could want + exercise PLUS the ability to read your text messages and view your incoming calls with Bluetooth (umm so why do we need Apple Watch?!). 


Running Times magazine subscription



I have heard amazing things about Running Times! I have never subscribed, but I would love to get a subscription in 2015. I absolutely love the idea of giving magazine subscriptions for gifts because it’s the gift that keeps giving throughout the year. 


Brooks Glycerin 12 Ombre

 I love love LOVE the color combination of these! I am sure they are even brighter in person, but Brooks really outdid themselves with the ombre design in this edition of the Brooks Glycerin. 


This Fabletics outfit


I have purchased a few outfits from Fabletics and they have been pretty awesome (the leggings are on the thicker side so perfect for those cold mornings!). I love this one because the vest could be fun for running or it could be something that you wear on a casual Friday/weekend day running errands. 


Gotham Print Jette Skirt


I recently started wearing the Snake Skin Print Jette Skirt from Skirt Sports in my workouts and it quickly rose to the top as one of my favorites (it seriously doesn’t ride up. at all. which makes it an auto favorite!). I would love to get another color, like the gotham print, so I can match it with even more of my tops. 


Scott James Jewelry



Scott James Jewelry has been on my wish list for awhile! I love their designs and how easy it is to customize it to reflect you as a person! I love that you can mix and match several different charms to make a necklace that fits you perfectly (while giving you that boost of inspiration that you need). I think these work great for gifts throughout the year, not just the holidays. 


Rx Jump Rope


I fell in love with Rx Smart Gear a few months ago and have been wishing for one of its jump ropes ever since. I didn’t even realize that not all jump ropes are made equal and yep, they definitely aren’t! Right now I have a really cheap one that I bought from Target one random day, so having a legit one would be awesome and of course, result in a better workout. You can’t beat that! 


Pullover Running Jacket from Janji


Janji rocks — they have a great mission and I think that its amazing that they give back to communities and need, and of course, their designs are so awesome and different from anything else that you see on the market. I love the Pullover Running Jacket because it’s one that I could wear in a number of different situations, not just running. And let’s face it, I would probably live in it once I got it! 


Skechers GOrun 4


I had the opportunity to try on the Skechers GOrun 4 at TRE and loved them! The fit was incredible. I really want to try these out on the road to see how they feel against my foot. Plus, you can’t beat the bright colors. Brighter = better. 


Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes


I love a good book about running and haven’t yet read many by Karno. I have heard great things about Ultramarathon Man and would love to add it to my to-read list for 2015! Of course, I would prefer a “real” book over a PDF copy… I know, so old school. 


What’s on your holiday wish list? What’s your favorite gifting tradition in your family? 


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