I was going to save this post for tomorrow, but I figured I better be realistic and realize that will not be happening because today will be crazy! I still haven’t packed for the marathon yet… oops.

By the way, last night was my work holiday party and it was fun because we actually dressed up and didn’t wear hoodies. 



It was a good distraction from the disaster that is going to be the Dallas Marathon this weekend. OK, maybe a little overdramatic, but let’s just be honest.

This is the forecast:



Accuweather says something a little different — high humidity, no rain during the race… although high humidity is not my friend so not sure how that’s going to go. 

So, with that in mind, I’ve adjusted my Dallas Marathon goals. 

I would have loved to aim for a PR. But right now, given the weather, I feel like that’s a dream in the distant future… like the Intersteller distant future.

So, I’m going to keep it short and simple: have fun. 

I have another marathon in January. And potentially February. Definitely April. So it’s not like this is my one shot that I have for the next six months. 

I’m not quite sure how I feel about it; I did kinda feel like we got screwed for NYC Marathon with the wind. But honestly, that’s one factor in marathon training that you can’t control and you just hope that your body can fight through the not-so-awesome conditions. 

Anyways, next blog post.. recap of (how amazing) the Dallas Marathon was. 🙂 


Do you adjust your goals based on external factors out of your control? 

What’s the #1 thing you are looking forward to this weekend? 

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