I remember when I was younger, I used to have a journal and I would count how many days I got to open Christmas presents throughout the month of December. I think one time, I got to open a present on like 11 of the days in December. 😉

Even though I don’t count all the presents anymore (isn’t it funny how, as you get older, you love the giving part so much better), but I was lucky this year to get a #RunHappy Christmas present from my friends at Brooks!


I totally loved the packaging. 


Anyways, there was a super cute beanie, a gorgeous running jacket, some cozy running tights and an awesome water bottle all inside, wrapped in a super handy bag, too! 




The jacket is designed for running (it has reflective stitches sewed into the design), but honestly, I want to make it into my new winter jacket! It’s so comfortable and stylish — I could definitely pull it off as a jacket that I could wear to work. 



It was a pleasant surprise and a huge thanks to Brooks! Definitely a great early Christmas present!


What’s your favorite part about the holiday season? Do you wear your running clothes for more than just running? 


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