I am usually kinda sad to say goodbye to the current year and ring in the new year. Usually I get a little sentimental about time passing and getting older, but I am actually excited for 2015 to come around. 

Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of great moments in 2014! There were a lot more not-so-great moments compared to other years, so I’m glad to put those behind me and get ready for an even better year in 2015! I am trying not to think about how I’ll turn 30 in this next year… 

Anyways, I already recapped my favorite running moments earlier this week and now I want to share my flat-out favorite memories (top 10!) and photos from the year:

  1. Enjoying the Texan life with some BBQ 
  2. Getting the best job I’ve ever had
  3. Going to the Circuit of the Americas for MotoGP and X Games
  4. Racing marathon #15 and marathon #16
  5. Having visitors to Austin!
  6. Spending a week in Wisconsin’s Northwoods with my family and running my nephew’s second 5k with him
  7. Touring a cave! (my first ever)
  8. Hitting up The Running Event (runnerd alert!)
  9. Going back to Wisconsin for Christmas





















And now to the part that we can all get a good laugh from… my 2014 goals! To say I was a little ambitious with my goals this year was an understatement. I learned a lot about how to set realistic goals (PR in every distance, really? what was I thinking?) and those that are measurable (the whole strength training one is a good one, but how will I ever be able to check that one off?). 

1. PR in every distance: Nope, didn’t even PR in one distance. 

2. Strengthen and stretch: Better than before, but still not perfect. While home for the holidays, I kicked off the 100 push up challenge! 

3. Read one book a month: I ended up reading 10, after getting stuck on Game of Thrones for a few months. Here are the books that I read this year: 


4. Continue to embrace my craftiness: I feel like I did a good job with this! I did not have time for it when we lived in NYC, nor did I have the resources to get the things I wanted to get (the closest Michaels was hour+ away from our apartment), so yes! Doing much better on this front.

5. Get in a better financial state: Slowly but surely, we are making improvements here! Considering I didn’t work for the first three months of the year, it was a little tough to tackle early on. I keep a spreadsheet where I track the balances of all of our accounts on the 1st of the year and there will definitely be some good news on that front. 🙂


What were your favorite moments of the year? How did you do with your resolutions/goals for 2014? 

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