I was looking back on the races that I completed last year and man, it was a slow racing year! I think part of it was the whole not having a job for the first three months of the year, and then after that, trying to get back to a good financial state. I mean, races are expensive! Geesh! 

Anyways, I really want to change that this year. I love running races because it gives you something to drive for and for me, it inspires me to work harder because I know I have something to aim for. It gives me a challenge and something to get excited for! I felt like I was running races like every other weekend in New York. While that was a little crazy, I do definitely want to get back into it more!



I am set to run the Houston Marathon on January 18 this year (only two weeks to go!) and I just signed up to run the 3M Half Marathon the following weekend, on January 25. I have heard a lot of good things about this race — first of all, the race packets are incredible because well, it’s sponsored by 3M so they gift you ton of goodies. 

I also love that it has a nice and early start — 7 a.m.! 

And the best part? Check out this elevation chart!


Obviously, it’s known as a super fast half marathon! And, I do have that big goal to PR this year… could this finally give me that half PR that I so desperately want?! We shall see!

Other races on my calendar include the ZOOMA Texas Half Marathon at the end of March (JOIN ME! Save 10% on your registration with coupon code LORA15), Boston Marathon in April and… I’m not quite sure after that! I would love to do a fall marathon too, and of course and ultra at some point. I do love picking out races, though! 


When’s your next race? What is it? 

What makes you choose to run a race (swag, elevation, cause?)? How many races do you run each year? 


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