Happy Monday! 

Today I’m joining in with Katie @ Healthy Diva Life to celebrate what’s marvelous in my Monday. 


What’s marvelous? The past two weeks of holiday celebrations and visits from friends.Since I started working, I have never had the opportunity to take that much time off from work around the holidays and it was marvelous to say the least. Although I must admit that it will be nice to get back into a routine of sorts. 

We also recycled our Christmas tree yesterday (I feel so Austin saying that!) where the city collects the trees and turns them into mulch, which they give back to the community for free. It’s super easy (just basically drop and go) and they even give you a tree that you can plant!



We got an oak seedling, which will look amazing in our future new house’s yard.

Oh, and random thought, but as we were packing up our Christmas decorations, it was a little crazy to think that next year we’ll have a whole house to decorate and get ready for the holidays!


Super excited to try out some new goodies that I received over the past few weeks for review, including the GPS Mini from Soleus Running:



I have heard amazing things about this little gadget and can’t wait to see how it performs. I love the color but mostly, the price is amazing! There’s no reason a running GPS watch should cost someone near $300. 

Anyways, off to get this day started. 

P.S. Ever wonder why we wear wedding rings on the ring finger? Check out this video… so cool!


What’s marvelous in your Monday? Did you take a lot of time off over the holidays? 

When do you pack up your holiday decorations?


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