The other day I came across a new race on Twitter called The Golden Ultra. It sounds pretty hard… but mostly epic: 

crazyrunninggirl.goldenultra crazyrunninggirl.goldenultra2 crazyrunninggirl.goldenultra3

And what sounds even more epic? They have a few different scholarships that they are going to be giving out to runners! The scholarships include compensation for the cost of the race AND they will even give you some dinero to travel. Applications are open until January 31, so if you are interested, give it a shot!

It looks absolutely beautiful so I am definitely adding this to my wish list… you know, to fulfill that goal of checking that ultra distance off my want list. And crossing my fingers that I’m one of the lucky few chosen to join this year! 


Do you want to run the Golden Tour? Have you ever been to Canada? 

How often do you travel to races? 

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