Happy happy Friday! This week has been a bit crazy so I am happy that it is finally the weekend. And given the weather forecast this weekend, it will be one with a lot of relaxing:

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In Austin, we don’t do so well with freezing rain and snow. While my fellow Midwesterners would love to say it’s because they don’t know how to drive down here, the real reason is that the city isn’t designed to handle that. We have a lot of elevated roadways and bridges so those ice over first, and on top of that, we don’t have salt trucks cruising around. But at least most people do a good job staying off the roads!

Which brings me to today’s topic from Friday Five (check out the details of the link up here if you want to join along, or read other blog posts!)… 5 things I like about my favorite city. 

Considering we live here and have no plans of moving, Austin comes to the top as my favorite city. Here are my favorite things about living in Austin: 


1. The running trails! Austin is a VERY fit city, it’s kinda crazy how much people love to work out here. But with that, there are lots of opportunities to get your sweat on and one of my favorites are the running trails.






We are lucky enough to live steps away from the main one — the Hike & Bike Trail around Lady Bird Lake (or Town Lake). It is incredible… you never have to deal with traffic, there are always other runners out there and it’s beautiful! There are a TON of other places to run, too, so that’s pretty awesome… many of which I haven’t even tried. 


2. The food. From the Tex-Mex to the BBQ, you will not go hungry in Austin. 



Coming from NYC, I was a little surprised at how good Austin food was… mostly because there is some good stuff in NYC. However, Mexican food is among my favorite type of food and you can’t find that in NYC. Plus, I think most of the ingredients are super fresh so it just naturally tastes better. We’ve tried a ton of different cuisines and have not been disappointed. 



My favorite restaurants in Austin (we have a lot more to try): Hopdoddy, Trudy’s, Chuy’s, Porter Ale House, Black Star Brewery, Homeslice, Torchy’s


3. Outdoor stuff. One of the things I missed when we lived in NYC was that it was SO hard to do stuff outdoors. You had to either know someone with a car or rent a car and go way outside of the city if you wanted to do any hiking or anything along those lines.

On top of the running trails, there are numerous places that you can go hiking, swimming, etc. and it’s just a short drive outside of Austin (or even in Austin itself). You can go kayaking or paddle boarding right on the river (well, like they call it here, Lady Bird Lake) and with 300 days of sunshine, you get lots of opportunities to do it!


4. The people. I love the people down here in Austin! At first it was a bit of a culture shock when we moved from NYC because everyone was talking to me and being nice. 

The other thing that has been an adjustment is that people in NYC are so flaky! We would make plans with so many different people and they would always get canceled for one reason or another. So down here when acquaintances have asked us to do stuff, we’re always kinda skeptical that it will happen… but people follow through! I love it. 


5. And lastly… the work/life balance. I think my most favorite thing about life here is that people put a priority on enjoying life. After living in NYC where it was no big deal to work til 10 p.m. on a daily basis, it is such a great feeling to live in a place where there’s a priority to spend time with your family and friends. Most days I leave the office right around 5, maybe a little later if I want to avoid the traffic. But I love that you can actually have a life and aren’t expected to be on call at all times (plus nobody tells me I’m too happy). 



Have you ever been to Austin? What did you think? 

What’s your favorite city? Why? 

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