Hello hello! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend… of course, mine automatically got a high five after the Packers were able to pull out a win yesterday against the Cowboys. Anyways, next weekend will be a tough game against the Seahawks, but there’s a reason why they play the game, right? 


Today I am joining in with Katie @ Healthy Diva Life for another edition of MIMM and today I want to talk about one of my biggest pet peeves, in hopes that you can help me solve this issue because it drives me nuts… and in turn, make this Monday marvelous. 🙂 



So, this year I joined the 2,015 in 2015 Virtual Race that Kara Goucher’s husband is hosting through his organization, Run the Edge. It’s a great initiative to get people moving and aware of their fitness. The way they have it set up, you can do it individually (how I’m doing it… woof, that’s intimidating) or you can do it as a team. You can run, you can walk, just get your miles in. 

I am part of the Facebook group which has been great to read… lots of inspiring stories, motivation and questions from people that are just starting to run (and I love talking about running!). 

But in recent days, the group has gotten cattier and cattier. People have started posting snarky comments about people who are walking, not running, and others who are counting miles on the elliptical machine. 

Others are counting the miles according to their FitBit, you know, the ones that you rack up as you move about the day. 

And for some reason, people think that this shouldn’t count. 

Excuse me, but isn’t the whole point of this challenge to create a community to get people moving and exercising? The only person you are competing against is yourself. If you want to run a marathon a month to get to that goal, awesome. If you want to use it as a walking challenge for your family, go for it. To me, it does not matter what everyone else is doing to get their miles in… I just think it’s awesome that more than 10,000 people have committed to this and they are working towards it.

This group is not alone. I see this a lot online… the snarkiness of tearing someone apart because they may not be the skinniest, the fastest, the fittest… but yet, they are trying. And isn’t that all that matters? 

It makes me doubt the human race, in all actuality. Why do we constantly have to be so negative to other people? Why can’t we just celebrate their successes? And our own? 

We all started somewhere. We didn’t start running [insert number] of miles a day just by waking up. We had to work towards it. I remember when I started running, it was awful. It hurt. And I wanted to quit so bad. 

And, I still have those moments. If I tried to find some extra motivation, only for people to tear me down, it would be devastating… so I hope that one day, this will end. And we can support each other instead of knocking each other down. After all, negativity doesn’t just harm the people you talk about, but yourself, also. 




Who were you rooting for this weekend? Any other Packer backers? 🙂

How do you handle negativity? Do you see it a lot online? 

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