Alright guys! I have made a promise to myself to actually read one book a month and to help give me some extra inspiration, I joined in a blogger book club. More details HERE… the more the merrier!

So if you remember, last year I stumbled on my reading challenge when I started reading Game of Thrones (book 1)… in July.


How much would you judge me if I told you I was still reading it?

And on page 260. 

I know. TERRIBLE. That’s like less than one page a day.

Ha, some progress, right? 

People have told me that maybe I need to throw in the towel and just not read it. NO! I will not give up. I really want to make some good progress by the end of this month. I actually really enjoy reading it but I feel like it’s a book that you need to sit down and read for at least 20 minutes or so. 

On top of that, as part of the blogger book club, our goal is to read movational book this month. I am going to check out a book that I received to review as part of SweatPink:


I’m excited to check out Lisa’s story — she also lives in Austin! Plus it sounds like a fun motivational read (becoming a bodybuilder?! crazy!). 

>>>P.S. if you are on Goodreads, come find me


What are you reading right now?

Have you ever struggled with a book? Did you finish reading it or quit it? 

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