When I was back home in Wisconsin for the holidays, I had the chance to try out the newly introduced NANOspikes by Kahtoola



These are really handy when you have to run in the ice or snow! In Austin, we don’t get much of that, but when I go home, you can believe that I have to deal with all that fun stuff. After running really ridiculous on the ice and snow for years, I was excited to finally try out something to help!



The NANOspikes are really easy to put on your shoes, you simply just slide them on and they have a minimal covering over your toe box and the rest of the shoes. I have tried out other types of accessories like this and immediately I could tell a difference because these didn’t feel clunky or hard to walk in. 



Of course, it was a little weird to get used to on the ice because I felt like I was going to bust it… haha. I guess it’s partially a lesson in learning how to trust yourself!

But once I got used to it, it was pretty cool to glide over the ice. As the little spikes give you the traction that you need, they leave indentions in the ice. I ran over the snow and ice and found that I didn’t slip ONCE. 



Each foot features 10 of the carbide spikes that are designed by Kahtoola to be “low profile,” meaning that you can still run like your normal self even when you are wearing these. Once you are done, you can slip them off, stick them back in their little carrying case, and you are ready to go for the next run. 

The NANOspikes are priced around $50 and you can grab them from Amazon or from Kahtoola’s website



How do you survive running on the ice and snow? 

What’s the temperature by you today? It’s in the mid-30s here, but clouds and more clouds! I miss my sunshine… 


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