TGIF! Tonight we head down to Houston for the Houston Marathon… woo woo!

If you’ll be in Houston and are headed to the expo, you can meet Meb! He’ll be at the expo signing autographs and meeting fans from 12 – 2 p.m. —> more details. 

Tomorrow I’ll talk a little bit more about my goals for the race, but today let’s hit the Friday Five!

Joining up with Courtney again today for Friday Five! Today’s theme is all about what’s in your gym bag. I usually don’t carry a gym bag around with me since I work out right at home (if I do want to hit the gym, the fitness center is across the street). That being said, I do have a few essential items that I must have in order to get my work out on. 


1. NUUN Energy


I use Nuun both during the run and after the run… and well, every other time in between! I have started using it more on my long runs because it is better on my stomach and I don’t get digestive issues. And, it always makes it way into whatever bag I take to work because I usually need that extra boost of energy in the morning after an early morning run. My favorite flavors are Cherry Limeade and Wild Berry!


2. Honey Stinger Gels

For years, I have tried to find the perfect gel. I actually stumbled across Honey Stinger Gels on accident in 2013 when I was running the Boston Marathon. I did the number one thing you should NOT do when you travel for a race… wait until the expo to buy my race day fuel.

Of course, everything was sold out and I started to panic because I couldn’t find what I trained with. I opted for something new (another mistake)… but!

It all ended up in my favor and I fell in love with Honey Stinger gels. I am also a fan of their waffles, too!


3. PRO Compression


Like Nuun Energy, I absolutely LOVE my PRO Compression socks and use them all the time even when I am not running/haven’t run. I love to wear really funky socks all the time and PRO fits this bill. 

I usually wear them on long runs and after really hard runs. They are also great to wear when you are traveling to races. (P.S. Use code BLG14 for 40% off!)


4. Road ID



If you follow Road ID on Facebook, you get an idea of the importance of this little ID tag (and some stories that will bring you tears, just to warn you). I have run with Road ID for years and it just gives you an extra sense of security. I don’t leave the house without it! I love that you can customize the ID tag to include contact information for people to call if you are found in danger, as well as any allergies/medication info. 


5. Sunglasses


I swear I have the most sensitive eyes in the world! Even in the middle of a cloudy winter day, I need to wear sunglasses. Running is no different! I am still on the hunt for the perfect sunglasses, but even so, I won’t go too far without having a pair on my head or over my eyes. Oh, and I’ve learned that with contacts, sunglasses can be helpful even in the rain to keep them protected and stop them from feeling like they are going to fall out. 


What’s in your gym bag? 

Any recommendations for running sunglasses? 

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