It’s been a whirlwind of races over the past few months, so is it crazy to say that I’m looking forward to a break? I am planning to write a post about the pros/cons of running marathons close together. I know my fellow maniacs do it all the time and major kudos to them! It’s really hard work and I think more of a mental battle than anything.

I decided a few weeks ago to run the 3M Half Marathon this weekend in Austin. I like to run a shorter distance the weekend after the marathon because it’s a great mental boost (what?! I’m already finished? It felt so short!) and well, I couldn’t resist a course that is mostly downhill. 



But after that, my main focus will be running the Boston Marathon in April. This will be my fourth time at Boston (crazy) and I want it to make it my best time. There are a few areas where I have slacked (a lot) in training and it’s time to pick it up and get serious about it. 

Nutrition: I have this mentality of “I deserve it” for eating some candy and not-so-good things. This needs to change. I want to focus the next few months on figuring out how to fuel my body right so I can have better runs (and not have Sunday’s incident happen again).

I am excited to finally focus on this! I have been using excuses for years to not make nutrition a priority and it has to be… especially if I want to get that elusive PR. 


Strength training: So, I started a push up challenge at the beginning of the year… one small step! I love running and would rather do that than anything in the world (when it comes to working out). Strength training often takes a backseat because when I finish a run, I always tell myself “oh, I’ll do that tomorrow.”

Yeah, no. Like nutrition, strength training is an important component of a successful training plan and I can’t ignore it anymore. I will be focusing on arms and core primarily. 



Stretching: I need to do a better job of foam rolling and stretching after runs. It doesn’t take much to get off the couch when I’m watching TV at night and spend a few minutes doing this. I think my hips and hamstrings will thank me. I know this is important, but again, something that I tell myself I’m too lazy to do. 



Any tips for cleaning up my diet? 

How do you stay motivated to do the fitness that you don’t like? 

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