Woo! It’s finally Friday!



This was one of those odd weeks that in some ways felt like it went fast, but in other ways, felt sooo slow (did I really just run a marathon on Sunday)? Either way, I am looking forward to two things this weekend: a) sleeping in tomorrow and b) running the 3M Half Marathon on Sunday!

I am joining up with the Friday Five link-up from Courtney and friends once again today… today’s topic: 5 things about me!


1. I am super competitive. Some people don’t realize this, but I am highly competitive about pretty much everything that I do. I like to race people (oddly, not so much when I’m out for a run) at doing stuff… like seeing how much faster I can get through the grocery store. Oh, and beating people in check out lanes… and pumping gas… and walking inside restaurants… and just life in general.



2. I used to read so much that my parents had to take my books away. If my parents didn’t take my books away, I would hide under the covers and read all. night. long. I used to read at any moment I could and my parents would be like “um no” when they went to parent/teacher conferences and the teachers said I had to read more.

crazyrunninggirl.nightcircus{my current favorite book}



I actually used to be really shy because I always had my nose stuck in a book. I think I read my first Stephen King book in 5th grade. I still love to read! But sadly, other life things get in the way… so hopefully I can change that. 


3. Whenever I listen to country music, (aka ALL the time these days) I have to sing along to it. I can’t listen to country music without trying to sing with it, I’m not sure why. I am a terrible singer, so I’m really sorry to all of those country singers that have amazing voices that I can’t hear because I’m too busy butchering their lyrics. 

crazyrunninggirl.rodeo13{Blake and Miranda at Houston Rodeo last year!}


4. I only eat one food at a time, from least favorite to favorite. I eat my least favorite first. I am OK if food touches, but not too much, but don’t like to have a bit of each piece of the meal all on one forkful… weird, I know. (this also applies to mixing froyo toppings… only one at a time.)


5. I love Fridays. 🙂 I know, super lame. But it’s true!


What’s one fun random fact about you? What are you looking forward to most this weekend? 

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