I think the 3M Half Marathon is one of the most talked about races in Austin… I have heard so many things about this race and decided to jump on it and register for it this year (plus, last year I worked the expo while I was injured and just really had some severe FOMO going on). 

They changed the location this year for packet pick up to the Bob Bullock Museum (Texas State History museum… I know, only in Texas), which is a beautiful building and I think a great venue for packet pick up.

And this is one of the reasons why it’s one of the best races in Austin:



The swag is unbelievable (also has a shirt for participants), seriously. I guess each year there are different things (rumor is it depends on how well 3M performs… ha!). But pretty awesome!

The start area is up by my work, which was a nice advantage because I knew how to take the back way to avoid all traffic. I don’t think Sam’s Club’s parking lot has seen that much action at 6 a.m. since Black Friday. 

They had a TON of port-a-potties at the start (probably 3x as many as Houston Marathon, even though Houston Marathon had 3x as many runners). As I headed up to the start, I snacked on some Honey Stinger gels and got ready to kick off the race. 

Note: I really didn’t have any goals for this race. I was aiming for 1:40-1:45. My PR for the half is 1:41, so I knew that was probably out of sight… but you never know!

After shivering through the next 10 minutes (always a good sign for starting a race!), the horn blared and we were off! Oh, and in case you forgot that you may be in Austin, the announcer said several times not to litter along the course… haha. 

The course is known for its downhill… in fact, it’s approximately 80% downhill. That’s pretty sweet! The course itself is a pretty great one… it goes around north Austin and then down Shoal Creek before it hits Hyde Park (very cool neighborhood), runs through campus and then finishes in downtown. My favorite part was definitely Shoal Creek and Hyde Park (plus my friends Casey and Ramiro were there!). 



I didn’t think my legs would still be burning from last week’s marathon, but yep, they sure were! I finished in about 1:48… I’ll update once the official results are up!





What You Need to Know about 3M Half Marathon

  • It sells out… this year, it sold out on the last day of the expo (they had about 100 slots available), so better to register early so you don’t have to worry about it. 
  • While it is a downhill course, there are SOME hills… so don’t think that it will be easy peasy because it’s primarily downhill. 
  • There are buses from the finish line to the start line and it’s a really fast process! I was a little nervous about this, but the buses filled quickly and headed back to the start pretty fast.


Thanks for reading my 3M Half Marathon Race Recap! Hope you had a fabulous weekend.


Anyone else race this weekend? How did it go? 

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