I have been lucky to have had the opportunity over the years to be a product wear tester. It’s really cool to get a “sneak peek” to what companies are thinking about launching into the market and well, I love getting mail! If you are interested in joining the ranks, check out how to become a product tester (plus 10 running apparel and footwear companies that are looking for product testers right now!).



So, what is a fitness product tester?

Companies use product testers (who may also be called product wear testers) for a variety of reasons, but the main objective is to get feedback from the marketplace about products. They may test out new materials or cuts for shirts and other running apparel. Some may introduce new technology in running shoes and want to try them out in the market to see how people with various foot strikes and running styles react. Either way, it gives them the information that they need to tweak the product so it can be successful when they do launch it in the marketplace.


What are the steps on how to become a product tester?

It depends on the company and the assignment, but you generally receive a product in the mail. When you receive the product, you will have a certain amount of time to test out the product and report back to the company. There may be specific rules with the product. For instance, you may not be able to wear it outside if you are wearing anything over it. You may have to skip washing it after one wear to see how it holds up. The directions are generally outlined in the packet that you receive with the product.


How much time does it take?

Well, the only extra time you should have to dedicate is reporting back to the company! Often times, this is just one quick survey that you have to do at the end. The idea is that you are supposed to be a regular user of the type of product, so it should just integrate into your daily life.


Are there any special qualifications to be a tester?

This depends on the company, but there are often not any special qualifications to sign up to be a product tester. Now, there may be some special qualifications for you to qualify to try out a particular product. The company may be looking for someone who lives in a particular region or someone who runs a certain way. It may be tempting to lie on your application to try and get more opportunities to review, but don’t do it! The company will see right through you and your chance of being a product wear tester for them now and in the future may be gone forever.


How often do you review stuff?

Again, this depends on the company… I went through a streak with one company where I was reviewing stuff once every few months. But, I didn’t hear from them for over a year and just got my first one again a few weeks ago.


Awesome! How do I sign up?

Some companies only allow you to sign up during certain periods, such as when they have gone through their database and are looking for fresh blood. Others may have applications open all year. Here are a listing of some running companies that are looking for testers:


P.S. There may be other product testing opportunities available online… don’t be scared to search!


Have you ever done product testing before? Would you want to become a product tester? 

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