For the past few years, I’ve been living by a mantra that goes something like this…

Well, maybe not. I do tend to stay away from cream cheese, chocolate and whipped cream, mostly because I am not a fan of any of these foods. 

(people tell me that’s weird)

But anyways, I have kinda taken an approach of what? I run… I deserve this!

I’ve treated my nutrition as a reward rather than a training necessity that helps give me the fuel I need to push through the workouts and conquer those tough runs. 

I realize this. And I know that I need to change it. 

Before I can begin to do that, I think it’s important to think about the reasons why I splurge on the junk food and just not-so-healthy stuff. 

1. Reward. Like I said, I use food as a reward for myself. Why? I should be able to reward myself by doing whatever I did to deserve a reward. I’ll use it as a reward in a way like “ugh, today was such a bad day, you deserve to munch on that candy.” or “man! that was a tough workout, you deserve to splurge a little bit.”


2. Boredom. I think this is a common reason to eat unnecessary calories. It gives us something to do and it’s a way to pass the time. With food around everywhere, it’s easy to find something that you can snack on.


3. Not feeling well/tired. I have just realized that this is a big reason why I snack on all the crap. This past week is a perfect example… with allergies, I just haven’t felt well and I have been eating all the junk food to help make myself feel better. I also tend to do this after those long nights out with too much quality time with Jack, Jim and Jose (which thankfully are fewer and further between as we now spend most Saturday nights in sweatpants watching movies that were released six months ago). 


I feel like I have a good handle on my weaknesses, and knowing this will help me figure out if I’m snacking because I’m hungry or if it’s because of one of these reasons. I know that if I’m going to get my 3:30 at Boston, I NEED to improve on this front. 

But that being said, I’m not going to become the type of person that posts pictures of kale and says omgthisisdelicious because let’s face it, it’s really not that good. I am going to focus more on portion control and on eating the right things — more of the 90/10 rule (90% good food / 10% not-so-healthy food) and approach to nutrition… and those times when I eat the wrong things, being realistic about how much I really eat and how it impacts my calorie intake for the day. 

I will start with weekly recaps on Sunday afternoons, I think a series called “Runner on a Diet” — it’s not really a diet but a lifestyle change, but “runner on a lifestyle change” doesn’t sound as intriguing. 😉


What foods are your biggest weakness? 

What causes you to overeat/snack/eat junk food? 


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