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Even though I have access to our apartment gym, I still like to do most of my strength training in my apartment. I stick to a lot of exercises that don’t require equipment, which means that you can do them anywhere! 

Some of these favorites include:

>>>Squats. Squats are SO easy to do anywhere. If I’m feeling a little blah at work, I’ll do a handful in the bathroom. I will also try to do squats as I brush my teeth (if I don’t need to rack up more steps). Make them a little tougher by doing plie squats: 



>>>Burpees. I have a love-hate relationship with burpees, but don’t we all? These are HARD to do (I can’t believe I once did a 30-day burpee challenge!), but I feel like no matter what, you always feel like superman or superwoman when you are done with them. They just have this ability of making you feel awesome… once you get them in. 🙂


>>>Flutter Kicks. These may seem easy, but they burn. Oh, do they burn. I love these things. 



>>>Planks Jacks. These make planks fun! If that’s possible… 😉 



>>> Push Ups. Is it sad that a few weeks ago, I couldn’t do more than four push ups at one time? I feel like push ups are the best arm exercises that you can do, especially since there are so many different modifications that you can do. I used to be able to clap between reps… I need to get back to that level of arm strength instead of rocking the t-rex arms. 




If you’re in need of a fun (and quick!) workout this weekend, check out this one –> it combines a lot of my favorite exercises. 






What are your favorite indoor exercises? 

Do you work out at a gym or at home? 

Random —> Who are you cheering for in the Super Bowl this weekend? 


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