When I was younger, I used to love reading. So much that my parents were actually worried about me (when you have your nose in a book, you don’t have much time to talk to people!). 
The sad thing though, that as I’ve gotten older, there has been less time available for reading. Some days, I just don’t feel like it (on those stressful days where I feel like I just read a bunch of stuff all day) and other days, there’s just no time. That’s why this year I am continuing my goal from last year to read one book a month and why it feels so exciting when it actually happens. I even joined a blogger book club (details below!) to help with it, too. 
And this month, it happened. I was sent a copy of Lisa Traugott’s book, “She’s Losing It!” for review. Lisa is actually a fellow Austinite! Which makes her story that much more fun to read because I kinda know the landmarks that she talks about. 
Anyways, Lisa made a decision at 38 years old that she had to change her life — and boy, did she! She went to the gym, signed up with a personal trainer and actually started training for a bodybuilding competition… leading her to lose 50 pounds! Throughout the book, she accounts her difficulties in this lifestyle change as she balances a complete diet change, flipping her routine upside down… oh, and with two kids under the age of 5!
I loved reading this book — Lisa has such a fun personality and it comes through the pages. As someone who also struggles with weight due to emotional eating, there was a LOT that I learned from her… I feel like it was really eye opening on a personal level! You will cheer her on the entire way, as you can’t help but want someone like her to succeed so bad. 
“She’s Losing It!” is a really quick read — another bonus! And once I got into it, it was hard to stop reading. Throughout the book, Lisa talks about writing another book… and boy, I hope she does! She would be a fantastic fitness writer. 
Whether you are a mom with kids juggling a fitness schedule or if you are someone who faces fitness struggles in your own life (let’s face it, who doesn’t?!), I highly recommend that you check out this book! 
And, I’ll make it easy for one of you — I have an extra copy to giveaway! Good luck. 🙂

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P.S. Check out some other great book reviews from this month! If you want, you can check out Sarah’s Book Club and join yourself!


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