I meant to post this earlier but Super Bowl prep but me a little behind on my day… and I think every football fan is thinking this right now:



Anyways, on to talking about how my quest to eat healthier is going… welcome to Runner on a Diet, week 1!



Monday – Wednesday: Oh, my, gosh. I was suffering from severe allergies (I think, a cold generally has more symptoms that go along with it) and remember how I said one of the things I do the most is medicate with food?

I drank Dr. Pepper.

I ate Skittles and Starburst.

I snacked on Goldfish.

I think I ate more junk food and drank more soda over these three days than last week combined. Not a good start to the week. 

Thursday: FINALLY woke up feeling more like a human and started my quest to eat healthier.

I kicked off the day with avocado toast (toast a piece of bread + mash up half an avocado + top with a sprinkle of sea salt and black pepper). I made it through the day with NO SODA. This is a huge accomplishment and I was really excited. 

Granted, I may have destroyed that progress with some ice cream at night. One step at a time. 

Friday: I continued to not drink any soda, and I successfully turned down bagels and cupcakes when offered to me at work. The cupcakes were my favorite too… carrot cake. And they looked amazing. But I held strong, even though I started dreaming of carrot cake for the next few hours after that. Even at lunch, I was wondering if there may be one left for me…

We went out to lunch and I had a burger… I know. However, I was stuffed all day and didn’t eat any snacks… so that should be counted as a win, right?!

And didn’t eat until dinner that night (homemade nachos and margaritas)… on the plus side? I made it a night without ice cream, score.

Saturday: I started the day with an eight mile run, followed by some pancakes (with blueberries!). We lunched at Which Wich (love that place), and it was so filling that we had a small dinner of chicken patties and fries. I opted for the classic BLT, skipped the oil and stuck to veggies. Once again, I made it without any ice cream… high five to me.  

Sunday: Oh Super Bowl Sunday. The day where people eat the most food only second to Thanksgiving.

This year we cut back on the snacks and only did seven-layer dip, subs at home and mini-apple pies. 

But we did have some booze. Two mixed drinks and a beer… 😐

Oh back to the start… For breakfast, we started the day with potatoes, turkey bacon, egg and cheese. With a Kickstart on the side… okay, not the best, but not the worst. Obviously have some room for improvement! 


I would rate this week a C. DEFINITE room for improvement. I am disappointed in myself for how I am so easy to go for the unhealthy stuff and then wonder why I can’t lose weight. Well, duh.

Plus, you know how usually you have all this fire and motivation at the start of changing your lifestyle for the better? Apparently I missed that boat and can do much better. 

I feel like I need to do a better job at tracking my food and really watching what I eat at work. The downside of free snacks and soda at work? The free snacks and soda. It makes it tough to say no… you know how that willpower just starts to run out. But I know that to start the Boston Marathon in the best shape of my life, I need to do just that. 


How did you do on your eating last week? Food log — do you keep one?

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