With all of my races behind me, I am so happy that it’s finally time to start focusing on the big kahoona… the Boston Marathon! 

crazyrunninggirl.boston[pure joy mid-race]


If you are a new reader, this is my fourth time making it to the big show. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to run at this marathon, which is hands down the greatest in the world given the prestige and history that runs along the course. The first time I ran it, I almost started crying several times throughout the marathon just thinking about all the history that went down on the legendary roads that lead from Hopkinton to Boston.

This will also be my first time back since 2013, since the bombings. I still have a hard time watching that coverage and am not quite sure what to expect as I run the roads.

You may be wondering… why are starting Boston Marathon training so late? Well, I’m not starting from nothing… I just ran a marathon a few weeks ago, so took a break from that and now my legs are feeling healthy again so it’s time to gear up. Since I have a good base, I’m not too worried that it’s only 11 weeks away.

There are a few traditions that happen every year when I train for Boston:

>>>Buy my finisher jacket!  



One of the cool things about walking the expo at Boston is seeing everyone wearing their finisher jackets. Some people wear them from decades ago, others have the years that they ran at Boston embroidered into the back of a jacket. It is awe striking to walk the halls with these people who are wildly talented runners. 

Anyways, if you are headed to Boston —> buy your finisher jacket early! You can get them online from Adidas and it is SO worth it to do. Even though there’s a huge selection at the expo, a lot of stuff sells out so it can be tough to find your size for special items. 


>>>Read Duel in the Sun. 


The 1982 Boston Marathon was quite possibly one of the most epic races ever (Meb’s win last year was unbelievable epic) between Alberto Salazar and Dick Beardsley. “Duel in the Sun” highlights this journey through the 26.2 miles and why either man was never the same after that. Amazing. Such a great read — highly HIGHLY recommend. I usually read it a few weeks before the race to get through that point in training when you are so over it. 


>>>Find my favorite snack. 

Every time that I get in the trenches with training (I don’t really count the back-to-back races because it’s more like continuous training rather than focusing on one marathon, I find a favorite snack that fuels me through training.

It has ranged from animal crackers to apples to Teddy Grahams. So, I’ll keep you posted (I feel like it’s kinda a pregnancy craving, you never know til you’re done with training what you were obsessed with… because it feels totally normal at the time). 



What are you training for? Anyone else gearing up for Boston? 

What’s your favorite snack? 


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