Just when I thought that we finally moved past the whole “oh, you run? You know that’s going to kill you, right?”… another study was released to get the media all in a frenzy to tell us long-distance runners that what we are doing is far worse than sitting on the couch. 

Yes, you read that right: a new study says that running “too hard” can be worse than sitting on a couch and living a sedentary lifestyle. 

The media reports it in this exact way:

Running too much can be just as bad for you as being sedentary, the study suggests. 


What they fail to report, in most articles, are the following facts:

1) The runners self-reported their pace. 

2) There was a very small sample size for those who “jogged” regularly (only 47 within the study put in more than four hours per week).

3) They didn’t analyze the non-running exercises that the non-joggers did. 

4) It took into account all causes of death, like being in a car accident or cancer, rather than those that could be caused by running too much (heart disease). 


We live in a country that is dying from obesity. We are a country that is so overweight that our food is literally killing you. In a time when a little exercise would make a world of difference, the media does nothing but jump on board rather than offer a sound opinion. Instead of reporting on the entire study, they choose bits and pieces to cover. Of course, I’m not that surprised. The media will do what the media will do. 

So no, running will not kill us… unless you believe that it will make you invincible and unsusceptible to death. 😉


As I mentioned before, I have been focusing on trying to build up other muscles… the past few marathons I have only been focused on the running and I definitely felt it when I got halfway through. Strong arms + strong abs = faster runner.

This is an arm workout that I’ve been doing and it BURNS. I am just happy that I can make it through 10 “real” push ups without stopping. (P.S. I usually try to do the bear crawls for a minute between the arm exercises.)




What do you think about the new running study? 

How many push ups can you do? 


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