This is the second week of attempting to eat healthier in order to get back to a suitable race weight for the Boston Marathon in April. You can read about my first week here

I feel like this was a much better week than last week, with the biggest accomplishment being — no soda at work! 

This is a daily struggle, more than you know. It’s just in there, FREE, and calling to me. I usually have my Nalgene at my side filled with water or Nuun throughout the day but at some point, it starts sounding really good to have some fizz and sugar… 🙂 But I successfully conquered all the cells in my brain that craved it. 


PLUS, this means that I made it through the caffeine cravings, which are huge… they give me the worst headaches and make it nearly impossible to avoid caffeine. I did drink Mamma Chia a few days and some NUUN Energy, which helped quite a bit. Plus, these are healthier options that actually give my body some benefit. 

Throughout the entire week, Friday was the roughest day. I kicked my training up a bit, so that meant an 11 mile run on Thursday AM and a severe case of after-burn on Friday. I did snack a little bit more than usual but at the time, the #hanger was real and I didn’t really care. 

One of the other areas I struggle is ice cream. I just need to stop buying my favorite flavor, because then I won’t eat it. I have some chocolate chip cookie dough (Blue Bell, the best) in my freezer right now and need to eat it so it doesn’t get bad. Yes, you read that right, NEED to eat it. I only ate it once last week, which is another huge deal (I either average every night or close to that). 

Small steps… 



I lost a pound throughout the week, which I was really excited about! Snacking is still my downfall, especially when I get home from work and am SO hungry before dinner. We typically eat dinner around 8 or so, but it doesn’t make sense to have a big snack at 6 p.m. because in some ways, it means that I am eating a double meal. 

This, and snacking as a whole, is something that I need to work on. So questions for you… what do you snack on? What time do you eat your snacks? 


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