One of my favorite things about living in Texas is the fact that you don’t get frozen out for months on end. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my snow, but I can’t complain much about 70 degree weather in January and February. 

So! That means more time to adventure outside. This weekend we decided to try something completely new: footgolf. A few of our friends have been talking about it and we decided to give it a shot.



The best way I can describe it? It’s basically golf, but you play with a soccer ball and your feet instead of a golf ball and clubs. We played at Harvey Penick Golf Course here in Austin, which converted to have both real golf and footgolf. 

Because you are using your legs, the length of the holes are much shorter. I think the longest we did was around 180 yards. But the idea is, you get up to the tee box, put your ball down and “drive” it by kicking it as hard as you can down the fairway. Most of the pars were 3 or 4, but the putting is HARD.

I feel like it’s harder than real golf! The soccer ball seems to hit every bump and hill perfectly, gaining momentum and taking it AWAY from the hole. I did have one hole where I got a birdie! I would never have the chance to see that playing golf in real life. 



It took us a few holes to get the hang of it. We played 18 holes in about two and a half hours. You can get a cart (at least at this golf course), which makes it a bit shorter. 

Overall, I thought it was a really fun sport! I loved that it wasn’t super expensive ($10 per person for 18 holes), was super easy to pick up on (even for those that aren’t ultra sporty) and it was a good excuse to be outside. 



If you do decide to go play footgolf, I recommend dressing in your favorite athletic wear and comfortable tennis shoes. Make sure you bring some water (or another beverage of choice…). While where we went rented soccer balls, we decided to buy our own (they were only $15) and now we have an excuse to play even more in the future. 

Plus! It’s kid friendly. There was a family in front of us with two kids and they were having a blast (plus I’m sure the parents loved seeing them run out all of their energy). That’s an added bonus. 

Bottom line? I can’t wait to play again. 




Have you ever played footgolf? What did you think? 

Are you a golfer? 

What’s the current temperature where you live? 


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