Wahoo! It is Thursday. For some reason, this has always been a favorite day of mine… I think it’s because it was such a great TV night growing up! Seinfeld, Friends, ER? 

Well, now I have no idea what night my favorite shows are actually on (thanks TiVo!), but I still love Thursday, mostly that anticipation for the weekend. 



>>> Today is also really exciting because it’s your last chance to enter two giveaways… enter for your chance to win a MammaChia prize pack, as well as enter the Fit Giveaway 2015! There are some epic prizes there so you don’t want to miss out.




>>> Last weekend, I asked you all (well, if you are a CRG fan on Facebook) what shoes I should buy… 




…I ended up splurging a little bit and bought the Glycerin 12. I loved the color combination so much that I couldn’t resist! Plus it’s nice to finally be running in the newest model of shoe rather than an old version.


>>> I have been trucking away on a very cool project that my Mom and I committed to do together this year… a Sky Scarf! The idea behind it is that you capture what the sky looked like on each day, and then knit two rows in a scarf. By the end of the year, you’ll have a beautiful scarf that represents the year that you just lived!

I just finished knitting January last night and am now catching up on February. 



The solid blue = bright blue skies, while the gray means cloudy or rainy days. As you can see, we’ve been bouncing between both over the past few weeks. I am really excited to keep this up for the entire year! And to do it with my Mom makes it a little extra special. 🙂


What’s your favorite day of the week? 

Do you have any fun craft projects in progress? Do tell!

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