Happy Friday the 13th! 



Is this a day you are superstitious about? I am definitely not; in fact, I love Friday the 13th and feel like it’s more of a lucky day than anything. 

Which brings me to the next important day in the universe… Valentine’s Day. We haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day for a number of years, but love hearing how everyone celebrates the special day! 

Note: if you are celebrating, make sure you don’t forget to sneak in your run earlier in the day… 😉

Run dates are a fun way to spend time with the one you love! I feel like running brings out some raw qualities in a natural way… after all, what happens on the run stays on the run. 

But, if you DO go on a run date, I think there are a few things you want to establish before you hit the pavement (this applies to running with friends, too!):



1. Figure out your pace. Let’s face it, this can be an awkward conversation. If you are close enough, you likely know the other person’s pace, and vice versa, but if you are in the majority of the population and don’t run the same, it can be weird to bring it up. But it’s necessary! Never feel bad for being the slower runner, just be honest. Hey, I’ll be running at this pace today… if you feel like going a little faster, go for it! I’ll catch up. 


2. Know your course. I think run dates are the best when you get to tour someone else’s stomping grounds. You get to show them all of your favorite areas and it can serve as a good conversation starter along the way. Make sure you give your partner a heads up on how far you want to go and if you are looking for anything specific (hills, loop, out and back, etc.). 


3. Choose your gear. It is a date after all! If I was hitting the road for a run date tomorrow, I would definitely rock these ombre capris from Brooks… aren’t they pretty!?


OK, but in all seriousness, you don’t have to look like a runway model, but I’d probably stay away from that long sleeve that’s been with you through thick and thin and has the stains to prove it. You know which one I’m talking about.


4. Warm up together. The couples who warm up together, stay together? 

I do think it’s good to warm up with someone to make sure you are both ready, plus you could learn something new from them! I don’t know about you, but I’ve stuck with my same four stretches for the past eight years and could probably do well with switching it up a little bit. 


5. Relax and enjoy! A run date is supposed to be fun, so keep it that way! Don’t stress about your pace or how you look when you are running and just go with it. Use it as an experience to bond and get to know the other person. I always feel like the most random conversations come up during a run, ones that are hard to trigger at other points in life. 


Do you run with your significant other? Any other tips for making a run date successful?

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? 


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