Have you ever signed up to run a marathon (or half marathon at that matter) as a way to lose weight, only to realize halfway through that it’s just not possible? 

Yes, you are burning a TON of calories… you will be running upwards of 50 miles per week so of course you may think DUH I’ll just eat about the same that I eat right now. But with that comes the extreme hunger… or the hanger. And this makes it hard to control your eating because you are just so. hungry. 

Last week I felt like the hanger started hitting. It’s SO weird because you just can’t seem to get full no matter how hard you try. The important thing is to eat food that your body can use as fuel instead of going towards whatever you can find to satiate your hunger. 

I’ve started to eat avocado toast for breakfast (so good – half an avocado mashed up topping a piece of toast), which keeps me pretty full in the morning. I think I may start adding a hardboiled egg to stay full for longer. 

On Tuesday, I epically failed. I started getting super hungry around 10 a.m… and had to dip into the stores of snacks at work. Goldfish crackers and kettlecorn. Not the worst, but definitely not the best. 

Which brings me to my next point: fail to plan, plan to fail.


Over the past few weeks, this has been my downfall when it comes to my nutrition. And probably a downfall I’ve had for a few years. Without thinking ahead, I put myself in a bad situation where I end up eating junk that my body doesn’t need and instead, serves as empty calories because minutes later, I’m still craving something else. And like I mentioned last week, I get home and am SO hungry that I snack more than I should. By eating better throughout the day, I can control that! And not overindulge. And lose the bulge. (sorry, couldn’t resist the rhyming temptation right there.)

My goal for this week is fixing this! The first step to recovery is figuring out you have a problem. And now it’s time to commit myself to being successful.

I know I will never turn into the kale-loving, sweet-skipping runner. I will always want to indulge a little bit. After all, how can you say no to this?



Anyways, I’ve learned in the past few weeks that it’s about portion control and giving myself a chance for success.

You guys had some great advice for snacks that are quick and easy to take to work, and that is what I’ll plan on doing. I followed this guide from Nancy Clark a few years ago, and need to get back on track with that. 

Lastly, thank you all for listening (reading?) me babble about this. It helps me think through where I’m sucking and where I can improve! And in the end, it will feed my ultimate goal – sub 3:30 at Boston on April 20. Let’s do this!


Do you do a lot of food prep?

When’s your food prep day? Any tips? 


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